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An agency that is present in all sectors

This is the sector that marked our inception, the translation of our first-ever protocol having taken place in 1991. From that time forward, we help laboratories, CROs, hospitals and research centres on a daily basis.

A broad term that encompasses a vast array of highly specialised sectors in which one terminology mistake could prove fatal. Do not doubt that we rely on translators who are specialised in each and every one of these sectors.

Technology governs the present day in practically all spheres of our lives. As such, it isn’t surprising that it is a sector on the rise. The Internet of Things, Big Data and cybersecurity are just some global examples.

Renewable, nuclear, green... Energy is the order of the day. We are doing our bit. Whether it be more technical documentation or introducing children to energies, tell us about your project.

User manuals, workshop manuals, electrical diagrams, marketing documentation... Anything and everything related to vehicles and their accessories, from the most technical to the most aesthetic of texts.

As a company based in Spain, a country where tourism is the driving force of our economy, we understand that using the right words to attract travellers and sustain the sector is vital. We place ourselves at the service of this sector by constantly adapting our offer.

Our experience, not just as managers, but also as users, has allowed us to grasp the importance of precision when it comes to translating legal, judicial or financial documentation.

Nothing is quite as important as marketing in this industry, where, rather than translations, we carry out target market adaptations. We are backed by major international brands.

Medical and pharmaceutical

The ever-growing biohealth sector also has this feature in the language it uses in the sense that, as science progresses, the surrounding terminology simultaneously grows and takes shape. That is why the opportunity to collaborate with professionals who feed this vocabulary on a daily basis by means of their own research allows us to deliver a specialised translation service that breaks down the communication barriers.

Translation and providing support in the development of clinical trials, research papers or even laboratory documentation have been our flagship over the past 25 years and today we are proud to rely on the best specialised translators in the medical sector.

Some of the most noteworthy clients we have been able to help in recent years with multilingual projects have been GlaxoSmithKline, Lilly and Bolton Medical, among others.

Machinery and engineering

Specialised translation and interpreting in the machinery sector are both highly complex due to the fact that, given the terminology used, it is imperative to be able to rely on translators and interpreters with a high level of expertise, as well as on professionals from the sector for revising the texts.

Machinery and engineering encompass a wide variety of sectors with which we ourselves have grown over the years. Thanks to clients such as Black&Decker, Montronix and SafetyKleen, we have been able to increase our degree of specialisation and get better with each project.

Incorporating specialised translators has allowed us to expand our presence in these industries and open the door to related industries, such as the energy and environmental sectors.


It certainly came as no surprise when we realised that one of the sectors we have seen ourselves grow the most in over the past 25 years is that related to technology. Nowadays, software localisation and specialised translation of new technological tools are areas of expertise in demand by a wide range of sectors.

We have had the opportunity to grow alongside companies that have helped to implement these new technologies across different sectors and we have been able to collaborate on their international projects. In order to carry out this huge task, we have relied on a team of specialised translators who were trained in the technological sector before studying translation.

Some of the clients who have placed their trust in us this past year are Software AG, Cyberoam Technologies and Viessmann.

Energy and the environment

The changes our planet is currently undergoing make it one of the fastest growing sectors in recent years. That is why we could do no more than train ourselves and learn from the best so as to offer a service that is in line with the prominence of the energy industry.

From turbines to environmental impact studies, including renewable energy models, we have made our clients’ texts our own in order to learn from them. Thus, we have provided them with a team of experts who, in many cases, belonged to this sector before transitioning to the world of translation.

Some of the clients who have placed their trust in us and with whom we have grown and learnt a great deal are European Water Jetting Institute, Greenmomit and Grupo Inclam, among many others.


This sector has been essential to the growth of Word Works throughout its history. Years ago we began translating service manuals and workshop manuals for the now non-existent Daewoo. Besides translation, we also analysed electrical diagrams on paper, in order to make sure that not a single word had gone untranslated and that no detail, however small, had been overlooked.

Our experience grew, as did our degree of specialisation. Moreover, thanks to the new technologies we have been continuously incorporating, we have now perfected our work and are able to carry it out much more effectively and swiftly.

The team of translators specialising in the automotive industry has evolved over the years; we started off with a small team that has gradually trained new translators who now support us in delivering projects for clients such as Porsche, Peugeot and Citröen.

Tourism and travelling

Translation adapted to the target audience is not limited to one sector, however it is very much present in those sectors related to tourism, since the way of drawing the public’s attention changes according to the country. For this very reason, we adapt the team that has been assigned to a given project so that the message being conveyed is appropriate to each market.

On another note, we offer our clients our expertise in new technologies adapted to translation, web management and social networks. We design multilingual communication products that are virtually custom-made to meet the needs of every hotel, restaurant or organisation.

Among the clients who have placed their confidence in us are Air France, Amadeus and NH Hotel Group.

Legal and financial

Unlike in other sectors, the legal and financial sectors both require translations that adhere closely to the original text, as it is very important not to miss the precise meaning of the text when handling the translation.

On a different note, sworn translation is extremely important in this sector, as the submission of accounts for public tenders that are held abroad may call for support from a good team of specialised sworn translators.

For all of these reasons, here at Word Works we have selected the best translators and revisers over the years and even our project managers have received the necessary training so as to better understand the documentation that is being dealt with.

Clients such as Santander Group, Thomson Reuters and Finconsum have placed their trust in us.

Fashion and beauty

Fashion- and accessory-related translations tend to stray far from the original text and employ what is known as “loose translation”. The team of translators specialising in this sector carry out an outstanding task with regard to the interpretation of the original texts, because it is not only a question of understanding, but also frequently of conveying the message to outsiders.

The fashion and accessory industry hides a world of its own unique terminology that must be mastered in order to achieve flowing translations that are comprehensible for workers in the sector and mere observers alike.

We are proud to include companies of the likes of Revlon Professional Brands, among others, in our client portfolio.