Almost 30 years ago, in the middle of a crisis, when entrepreneurship and internationalisation were relatively little used terms and jobs were associated with an immovable physical place, a couple of pioneers decided to start a company with clients outside Spain and thinking about people’s mobility.

In May 1991, the adventure started for Carmen Yates Martínez, a businesswoman, and her husband, Luis Mª Revilla Alayza, a translator with an extensive and successful career as a freelancer in several different countries.

Our company is its experience, its procedures its successes and its failures. Over the years we have had a little bit of everything.

Word Works sis defined by its commitment, both to its clients and to its collaborators, technology and speed.

Though the value that best defines us is undoubtedly the human.

Our team is our defining characteristic.

Carmen Yates Word Works

Open letter from our CEO

Writing this letter, remembering our journey, is very humbling for me. In 1991 a translator and a businesswoman were responsible for the creation of a common project: Word Works, SL.

We did not think about success or failure: the torch that guided us was, as Wilde says, “to believe in the impossible and remove the improbable”. The union of our talents sought service through a human company, expert in project management, with a team of people committed to our vision and fundamental values:

  • Professional empathy
  • Speed with accuracy
  • A search for the right price

The road to 2020 has been easy and difficult, though I dare say that the most gratifying thing, in addition to growing, is that we have managed to be the human company that we set out to be, holding true to our values and managing an invincible team.

Being the human company that we are, we show empathy, inspire confidence, look through the eyes of the client and search for solutions that can be adapted to what they really need.

We make it easy for you, we show you new technological solutions for the management of your documentation in other languages, and we do everything quickly and in a personalised manner.

Make us stakeholders in your needs, we’re here to help you.

Thank you for your trust!

Carmen Yates Martínez
CEO and Founding Partner of Word Works, SL.