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Almost 35 years ago, Carmen Yates Martínez and Luis Mª Revilla Alayza created Word Works in a small office in the heart of Madrid with second-hand furniture, a computer, a modem and, most importantly, their great visionary spirit.

What started as a small family business has grown through cooperation, commitment, speed and technology to become one of the leading companies in Spain in the translation industry.

Today, Word Works’ team is made up of over 30 professionals specialised in different areas: project managers, vendor managers, sales professionals, financial team, localisation engineering and interns.

Global Network of Partners

In addition to our internal team, we consider our extensive network of vendors around the world to be part of our family. Our team coordinates a global network of over 800 translators, interpreters, proofreaders, style checkers, layout designers and linguistic engineers for almost any language pairing in any part of the world.


El proceso de transcripción implica escuchar o ver el archivo de audio o vídeo varias veces y escribir lo que se dice en un documento de texto. La transcripción precisa y de alta calidad requiere habilidades especiales, como una excelente comprensión auditiva, conocimiento de idiomas y habilidades de escritura y edición.

Management Team

Carmen Yates Martínez and Luis Mª Revilla Alayza

Our pioneering entrepreneurial spirit led us to create Word Works S.L., a family company with values based on cooperation through commitment, speed and technology.

At the time of creating Word Works, we put our talents to work as one, united in a common endeavour. The project took on a life of its own, almost without us noticing, in the words of the poet: “making the path by walking”.

The project is now nearly 35 years old and there is no end in sight. The team, which sprang up from a typewriter keyboard, remains united and with a singular purpose.

Eva Revilla Yates


Word Works has been a part of my life from the very beginning, it has grown alongside me and I’ve seen how it has adapted to the changing times over the years.

Each person who has shared any part of our journey has left a mark, a learning experience, an energy that has made Word Works a better and more human company. That’s why I’m so proud of this company and its team today, because we’re part of the change we believe our society needs.

Daniela Losa

I came to Word Works as a project manager almost seven years ago, excited to be part of a company that seemed to have similar values to my own. And so it was.

Word Works has enabled me to further my career, supporting my training and development until I reached a management position in a company that has always been committed to its people.


Being part of Word Works is being part of a big family, for better or worse. It’s not always easy but it is rewarding.

Our employees and vendors, and our customers can rest assured that there are few places where you will find such a committed company.

Trilce Revilla Yates


My path has always been closely linked to Word Works, both personally and professionally. Like my sister, I have grown up with the business in my DNA and it’s been an important part of my training.

I started my career at Word Works over twenty years ago and today, I focus on correctly interpreting the market and anticipating the needs of both our sales team and our potential customers

At Word Works, we’re a team that’s in synch working towards the same goals, that is the key to our success.

José Sancho Rumeu

In my career, I’ve been fortunate to move between design and technology, providing solutions to complex problems leveraging my creativity, curiosity, technique and organisation. I have held different positions: graphic designer, layout designer, flash programmer, 3D texturiser, editing and post-production teacher, support manager, department head, art director… As a result, I can work on projects that cover all types of media, providing unique solutions tailored to customers’ needs.

I combine professionals from a variety of fields, such as programmers and designers, to complete projects from concept to execution.


My background puts me in a unique position to understand artistic and technical partners and enables me to connect them, improving communication and understanding between teams.

My specialties include project management, application development, planning and architecture of graphics systems, workflow planning and optimisation, and the design of real-time data-driven infographics.

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