Our pioneering entrepreneurial spirit led us to create Word Works S.L., a family company with values based on cooperation through commitment, speed and technology

Carmen Yates y Luis Mª Revilla – Founding partnwes

The human company

Our company is its experience, its procedures, its successes and its failures, but above all it is its human team. The project managers, the location engineers, the financial and sales teams are all a part of our team, to whom we entrust our most precious treasure: our clients.

A separate and vitally important group are our external partners. We have been building relationships with great translation professionals around the world for nearly 30 years. This means that today we have an extensive network of more than 700 translators, interpreters, reviewers, style checkers, layout designers and linguistic engineers for almost any language pairing in any part of the world.

Carmen Yates Martínez and
Luis Mª Revilla Alayza


At the time of creating Word Works S.L. there were two of us, but we put our talents to work as one, united in a common endeavour. The project took on a life of its own, almost without us noticing, in the words of the poet: “Making the path by walking”.

The project has now celebrated its silver anniversary and there is no end in sight. The team, which sprang up from a typewriter keyboard, remains united and with a singular purpose.

Socios Fundadores Word Works

Trilce and Eva Revilla Yates


Although we started our journey with Word Works in very different times, this company has always been a part of our lives. We have grown with Word Works, and now we are an active part of the company, working to take it to the next level.

Our vision of leadership centres on involving those who accompany us in this project. The success of a family business such as this depends on teamwork, and it is very important to us that each team member feels supported, listened to and inspired. In this way we all contribute to our commercial success, and in our particular case, we have the extra motivation of knowing that we are contributing to our own family legacy.

Thank you for trusting our team; thank you for trusting our family.