Medical and pharmaceutical

The translation of a protocol in 1991 marked the founding of this company, and since then this sector has always been one of our flagships.

The biosanitary sector has very specialised terminology that is also constantly adapting and changing: clinical trials, new drugs, research, new discoveries; this field not only requires specific knowledge, it also requires continuous research to keep up-to-date.

All our years of experience have allowed us to create a network of highly specialised collaborators in this sector, providing daily support to laboratories, hospitals, research centres and pharmaceutical companies.

Traducción Especializada Profesional | Medicina Y Farmacia
Traducción Especializada Profesional | Sector Automovilístico

Industry and the automotive sector

User and workshop manuals, assembly instructions, bids for international tenders, top of the range car catalogues… This is a sector with a lot of very varied documentation and we have the experience and resources to translate any type of document.

We also have interpreters that have mediated at international negotiations (both face-to-face and via videoconference), at visits by foreign delegations to construction sites and at product presentations.

We understand the complexity and importance of each archive, and their scope. We have a carefully chosen selection of translators who share this vision and have the necessary knowledge to ensure that the client receives a translation of the highest quality, in accordance with the demanding requirements of the sector, where a millimetric deviation can be catastrophic.

Energy and the environment

In a world increasingly concerned with sustainability and clean energy, this sector is becoming ever more relevant..

We have clients who are specialised in everything from water treatment, to solar, electric and wind energy, and clients who carry out environmental impact studies for their construction projects.

To help them in their projects, we have a team of specialised translators trained in this field.

Our own commitment to the environment leads us not only to try to reduce our footprint and promote green alternatives, but also to helping our partner companies to follow this path with the best possible translation team.

Traducción Especializada Profesional | Sector Energía Y Medio Ambiente
Traducción Especializada Profesional | Sector Tecnología


New technologies are growing at a startling rate, and with them the need to keep pace with a market where what is new today is obsolete tomorrow.

Not only do we have an expert team in technological translations, but also our company philosophy is to incorporate new technologies into our daily lives, taking advantage of them to improve our service.

Thanks to this vision we have been able to participate in national and international projects, together with our team of specialised translators and localisation engineers with previous experience in these technological sectors.

Law and financial

Attention to detail is crucial in legal and financial translations. An error can mean a radical change in the terms of a contract, a misplaced comma can drastically change a company’s profits or losses.

Our team of legal translators is extensively trained and specialised in this field, relying on experts in different areas so as always to be able to offer the best option in each case.

We also have extensive experience in sworn translations. We know how vital it can be (and sometimes how quickly it is needed), and we have a fast and experienced team to cover all requirements.


We have a lot of different client profiles in this sector: large jewellery brands, airlines, hotels, luxury cars, gastronomy, communication… They all have one thing in common: they need their message to be correctly translated.

In this sector the most important thing is translating the words, but rather being capable of translating the idea or the feeling behind the words.

The specialisation required here is more artistic than technical; we carefully select the right translator for each specific case from our large team of specialised marketing translators.