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Aeronautical and Transport Translation

Word Works has been working closely with leading aviation and transport companies for years, translating instruction manuals, aircraft lease contracts, technical reports and safety regulations.

In a professional environment with such a complex jargon and regulations, our specialised translators have a sound knowledge of both the technical and legal aspects of these industries.

Aeronautical translation: a very specific industry

At Word Works, as specialists in technical translation (), we’re aware of the importance of quality in the translation of documents regarding the aeronautical industry and that’s why we have a team of specialised translators in the industry, with specific studies related to the industry, in-depth technical knowledge and great precision in terminology.

To ensure terminological consistency, we use all the tools and means at our disposal: from translation memories and glossaries specific to the aeronautical and transport industry to the development of specific neural machine translation engines that provide us with the required basis for quality results. This enables us to optimise the translation process and reduce delivery times.

Translators specialising in the transport industry

At Word Works, we are specialists in the transport and aviation industry. Our teams of professional linguists have extensive experience in translating technical documents in the field: aircraft maintenance manuals, lease contracts, technical reports, safety regulations, etc.

If you’re looking for a specialised translation agency in the transport and aviation industry, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Type of documents and material to be translated

bocadillo wordworks

Safety instructions

bocadillo wordworks


bocadillo wordworks

data sheets

bocadillo wordworks


bocadillo wordworks


bocadillo wordworks

flight manuals

bocadillo wordworks

training material

bocadillo wordworks

technical and commercial proposals

bocadillo wordworks


bocadillo wordworks

audit reports

bocadillo wordworks


bocadillo wordworks

technical manuals and instructions (maintenance, repair, overhaul, operation, etc.

Aeronautical and transport translation under ISO standards

Word Works was the first translation company in Spain to obtain ISO 9001 certification for its comprehensive quality control processes.

The ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality standards are international standards specifically setting requirements for quality management and translation.

In addition to these two standards, Word Works complies with the ISO 18587 standard, which is specific to the professional and quality use of machine translation engines.

These standards are of great importance in the translation process of documents related to the aeronautical and transport industries and we know this at Word Works, which is why we offer specialised services in these areas and take quality very seriously.

In this sense, Word Works has three quality certifications that guarantee the level of its processes and tools. Namely:

ISO 9001 for general quality processes.

ISO 17100 for quality applied directly to the management and execution of translation projects.
ISO 18587 for quality applied to the tools used in machine translation processes. (🔗)

Frequently Asked Questions

At Word Works, we are firm believers that to translate something you have to understand what you’re translating, not just the language. To translate the manual for a table, it’s necessary first to feel it, to understand it, as simple as it may seem.
The use of a specialised aeronautical translator is crucial due to the technical complexity and terminology specific to the aviation and transport industry. A specialised translator guarantees an accurate and consistent translation of documents such as instruction manuals, lease contracts and safety regulations, etc., thus ensuring compliance with legal and safety requirements.

We have an extensive database of partners around the world and partnerships with translation companies in more exotic countries for languages we translate less frequently. No language combination can resist us.

There are several types of documents and content that require specialised translation in the aviation and transport industry. These include aircraft instruction and maintenance manuals, aircraft lease contracts, technical reports, safety regulations, air traffic management procedures, etc.

All these documents require a thorough knowledge of the jargon and regulations of the industry, which makes it crucial to have specialised teams in this field.

There are several transport industries we cover, including different types of vehicles and means of transport. Some of the most common industries include land transport, which includes cars, trucks and trains; air transport, which includes aeroplanes and helicopters; maritime transport, which includes ships and boats; and freight transport, which focuses on the transport of goods.

How to request a transport industry translation

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