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Audiovisual and Video Game Translation

At Word Works, we have been working for years with video game production and development companies, film and television studios, streaming platforms and end consumers themselves, who are looking to enjoy content in their native language.

This is a constantly growing market, aimed at an increasingly large, diverse and global audience, which is why it is key to have a cutting-edge, translation company with a global reach and proven track-record such as Word Works.

Audiovisual translation services

At Word Works, we manage audiovisual translation projects for shows, films, documentaries, corporate videos, advertising and video games.

Audiovisual translation not only involves the translation of dialogue, but also the localisation of cultural elements, subtitling, dubbing and adaptations to different formats and platforms. To achieve this, it is crucial to not only have professional translators specialised in the audiovisual and video games industry, but also the required tools to guarantee the quality and coherence of the message, and the management team that makes sure every step of the process runs smoothly.

To ensure optimal results, Word Works provides a wide range of resources:

  • Project managers with experience in audiovisual management.
  • Highly qualified video game and audiovisual linguists (translators and proofreaders).
  • Localisation engineers to prepare the initial project and the delivery packages.
  • Creative team members to adapt non-linguistic content to the target market.

Types of translation for the audiovisual media

Dubbing: we know the service well and have the right partners to guarantee professional dubbing actors that can adapt to every need.

Subtitling: always carried out by native speakers and with the right tools.

Audio description: this technique is used to describe what is happening on the screen in detail for visually impaired people and we have the right team to do it.

Dialogue adaptation: much more than translation, it consists of adapting the dialogue of a video or film to make it more suitable for a specific audience or culture.

Translation of scripts: we always work with specialised translators, respecting the tone and intention of the author and making the subsequent steps of dubbing and subtitling easier.

Localisation: the process of adapting audiovisual content to a specific audience in a particular market, including not only the translation of the dialogue, but also the adaptation of cultural and visual elements.

Transcription: is involves converting audio into text, enabling the editing of subtitles and the creation of transcripts for the hearing impaired.

Voice-over: a technique that consists of adding a voice that translates or interprets the content of a video.

Specialised translation in video games

Adapting the content of a video game to the cultural and linguistic needs of a specific audience is a complex process. Our specialised translation services cover all aspects of the translation process: the translation of dialogue, text and multimedia content, as well as the adaptation of graphics, sound and gameplay elements.
When it comes to video games, literal translation is not enough, which is why Word Works also offers a transcreation service, in different cultural contexts and the flow in the gaming experience.

Audiovisual and video game translation under ISO standards

The ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality standards are international standards specifically setting requirements for quality management and translation.

The ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality standards are international standards specifically setting requirements for quality management and translation.

In addition to these two standards, Word Works complies with the ISO 18587 standard, which is specific to the professional and quality use of machine translation engines.

These standards are of great importance in the translation process of audiovisual and video game content and we know this at Word Works, which is why we offer specialised services in these areas and take quality very seriously.

In this sense, Word Works has three quality certifications that guarantee the level of its processes and tools. Namely:

ISO 9001 for general quality processes.
ISO 17100 for quality applied directly to the management and execution of translation projects.
ISO 18587 for quality applied to the tools used in machine translation processes. (🔗)

Frequently Asked Questions

Video game localisation involves translating all elements of the game that contain text, audio, images or any other element that affects the user’s experience in terms of language and culture. This includes anything from menus and subtitles, to dialogue, object descriptions, instructions and other elements that are part of the game. Graphical elements such as icons and buttons can also be localised, and content can be culturally adapted to be relevant for the target audience.
To localise audiovisual content, we need to consider a variety of audiovisual media, including audio, on-screen text, menus and subtitles. In the specific case of video games, the dubbing of dialogue, the adaptation of character names and game elements, and the selection of voices and sound effects also needs to be taken into account. All these elements have to be consistent with the style, tone and cultural context of the original game.
A wide variety of audiovisual content formats can be translated, such as films, TV shows, documentaries, adverts, corporate videos, educational videos, promotional videos, etc. In the case of video games, dialogue, menus, instructions, interface texts, graphical elements and any other component that is needed for the user to understand the plot of the game and play properly are translated.
Audiovisual translation for the blind is known as audio description and consists of the narration of visual elements that aren’t evident through dialogue or sound. A specific script is required for audio description to describe the relevant visual elements, such as characters, settings, camera movements and other visual details that are important for the understanding of the plot. Audio-describers have to be able to synthesise and communicate visual information concisely and clearly. It’s also important to consider pacing and synchronisation with the original material so that the audio description doesn’t interrupt the flow of the narration.

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