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Marketing, Advertising and Business Translation

At Word Works, we understand that in this industry, the most important thing is translating the words, but rather being capable of translating the idea or the feeling behind the words.

We have a long track record in marketing, advertising and business translation and we are aware that a quality translation in these fields can make the difference between success and failure in the international marketplace.

With this speciality, we meet the needs of industries as diverse as large jewellery brands, airlines, hotels, luxury cars, gastronomy and renewable energy companies or even machinery.

Advertising translations require both artistic and technical vision. At Word Works, we have teams that specialise in meeting all your company’s marketing needs:

  • Advertising translation services.
  • Transcreation services.
  • Copywriting.

Advertising translation services

Advertising translation refers to the adaptation of advertising messages to a target audience in a language other than the source. This type of translation requires great skill to convey the original message effectively and attractively in the target language.

Our specialised translators in this field not only have in-depth knowledge of the language and culture, but also the creative and marketing skills to capture the attention of the target audience.

Our philosophy implies taking care of each and every aspect of advertising translation:

  • Adapting the language to the trends and idioms of the target language and culture to maximise its impact.
  • Adjusting business and sales related documents and texts, such as contracts, quotes and presentations.
  • Careful attention to accuracy and consistency, as misinterpretations or mistakes can have serious legal and financial consequences, not to mention the loss of credibility of the brand in a particular market.
  • Effectively capturing the advertising message in the target language.
  • Adjusting each slogan, tagline, product and service description or promotional material to be attractive and persuasive in the target language, while keeping the tone and intent of the original message.
Word Works has a wealth of experience and expertise that is key to the success of advertising and business translation.

“Talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart”.

Nelson Mandela

Transcreation: creative translation

The transcreation service goes one step beyond marketing or advertising translation. While translation focuses on the transfer of content from one language to another, transcreation focuses on adapting an advertising message to work effectively in a different market.

Transcreation involves a thorough understanding of the culture and language of the target audience, as well as the ability to recreate an advertising message creatively and persuasively in the target language. The ultimate goal is to keep the original message and intent, but present it in a way that is effective in the target market.

Recreate an advertising message creatively and persuasively in the target language

A professional translation company such as Word Works, with extensive experience in transcreation, has specialised translators in marketing and advertising, as well as creative skills and experience in the industry. Our translators can then work with customers to understand their message and adapt it effectively to reach an international audience

Copywriting for marketing

When talking about the translation of advertising content, it is very important to differentiate between the terms transcreation and copywriting, which are often confused when talking to translation companies.

Types of marketing, business and advertising translation

At Word Works we are aware that translating or transcreating an advertising campaign may not be enough to conquer a foreign market and that is why we offer a copywriting service for the creation of original content in the target language, if required.
Within our network of over 700 vendors, we have the persuasive writing and marketing expertise to create effective content in the language you need.
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Corporate documentation

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Market research and reports

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Product sheets

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Advertising campaigns

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Marketing, business and advertising translation under ISO standards

Word Works was the first translation company in Spain to obtain ISO 9001 certification for its comprehensive quality control processes.

The ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality standards are international standards specifically setting requirements for quality management and translation.

In addition to these two standards, Word Works complies with the ISO 18587 standard, which is specific to the professional and quality use of machine translation engines.

These standards are of great importance in the translation process of marketing, business or advertising texts and we know this at Word Works, which is why we offer specialised services in these areas and take quality very seriously.
In this sense, Word Works has three quality certifications that guarantee the level of its processes and tools. Namely:
ISO 9001 for general quality processes.
ISO 17100 for quality applied directly to the management and execution of translation projects.
ISO 18587 for quality applied to the tools used in machine translation processes. (🔗)

Frequently Asked Questions

At its core, a business or advertising translation wants to talk about the brand, it wants to sell. In order to sell, it has to be more than a translation, it has to speak the language of the buyer, it has to make the potential customer feel comfortable with what they read, make them feel it’s “theirs”. That’s why it is so important that an advertising translation is carried out with the freedom of advertising.
It’s crucial to have a sufficiently creative professional for this type of content, otherwise, the final goal of the translation, i.e. to sell, won’t be achieved.
The way to guarantee the best result for transcreation is by putting the creative translator in touch with the customer’s message, what they want to achieve, allowing them to soak in what the brand is trying to convey and achieve in the target market. Having made this approach, it is important for the translator to be truly creative. This is the combination for success.
All our translators, without exception, translate only into their native language. They are all native speakers of the language into which they translate and are familiar with their target markets. Translation work in any speciality is very complex if it isn’t into the translator’s native language, but in the case of advertising and creative translations, it would be simply impossible otherwise.

How to request a business or advertising translation

Get your quote free of charge and without obligation the following ways:


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Or email us and tell us what you need at: info@wordworks.es
Once we receive your request, one of our sales managers will get in touch with you directly to confirm that we understand what you need and we will send you a quote in line with your needs as soon as possible.
We are at your disposal for any questions or if you need further information.

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