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Technical Translation

At Word Works, we are much more than a translation company, we are technical project managers with a large team of specialised translators in industries as diverse as engineering, automotive, energy, etc. Thanks to this, we can take on large-scale projects, ensuring the success of technical communication between companies and organisations from different countries and regulations.

With over 30 years’ experience and a global network of over 700 translators, Word Works offers a high quality and technically accurate service thanks to our team of specialists with extensive industry-specific knowledge.

Our technical translation service

What is technical translation?

Technical translation is not a speciality in its own right, but brings together a large number of translation services that focus on different industries and specialities.

It is characterised not only by its specialised vocabulary but also by the complexity of the texts, distributed in manuals, technical data sheets, product descriptions, training material for factories and electrical diagrams, etc.

We are technical translators

At Word Works we have a vendor management team that carefully checks the experience and specialisation of our technical translators, even developing specific tests for each industry if required.

In many cases, these translators come from technical and engineering backgrounds and have changed careers paths to translation, thus providing greater consistency in the terminology used

Types of technical translations we provide

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Data sheets with specifications

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Manuals and user guides

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Instruction manuals

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Food translation (🔗)

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Assembly manuals

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Works procedures

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Translation for transport (🔗)

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Other documents

The importance of using an agency with technical translators

A translation agency with a team of professionals specialised in different areas is the best option to undertake a high-quality technical translation.
Our translators have technical knowledge and experience in the relevant industry, enabling them to understand the specific terminology and technical concepts in the source text.
Our specialised translators are the best choice for accurate translation of technical texts, ensuring successful technical communication between companies and organisations from different countries and cultures.

Technical translation under ISO standards

Word Works was the first translation company in Spain to obtain ISO 9001 certification for its comprehensive quality control processes.

The ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality standards are international standards specifically setting requirements for quality management and translation.

In addition to these two standards, Word Works complies with the ISO 18587 standard, which is specific to the professional and quality use of machine translation engines.

These standards are of great importance in the technical translation process and we know this at Word Works, which is why we offer specialised services in these areas and take quality very seriously.

In this sense, Word Works has three quality certifications that guarantee the level of its processes and tools. Namely:

ISO 9001 para los procesos generales de calidad.
for quality applied directly to the management and execution of translation projects.
ISO 18587 for quality applied to the tools used in machine translation processes. (🔗)

Frequently Asked Questions

A good technical translation is one undertaken by the right technical translator, with knowledge of the speciality they are translating.
There is no such thing as a general technical translation or a general technical translator to carry it out. You need the required experience in the specific industry to be able to understand what you are translating. It is this level of understanding that differentiates a good translation from a bad technical translation, and at Word Works, we know that.

The technical jargon depends on the industry for which it is developed. Sometimes it is a matter of properly differentiating between the correct use of an Anglicism, understanding a specific technology, or knowing about a certain level of European labelling, as examples of how specific technical jargon can be. There is no such thing as a general technical translation. You need to know the specific technical language of an industry in order to know exactly which terms to apply in each case.
Se pueden traducir todo tipo de documentos técnicos, desde manuales de usuario, de taller, diagramas eléctricos, planos, fichas técnicas, documentación de marketing relacionada, etc. La documentación a traducir definirá el equipo de traductores técnicos necesarios en cada caso.
All types of technical documents can be translated, from user manuals, workshop manuals, electrical diagrams, plans, technical data sheets, related marketing documentation, etc. The documentation to be translated will define the team of technical translators required in each case.
Entrusting technical translations to a team of professional translators offers many advantages. Word Works has rigorous quality control and proofreading processes in place to ensure that translations are accurate and suitable for technical use. In short, relying on a team of professional translators specialised in technical translation ensures that the end result is of the highest quality and adapted to the needs of the specific industry.
The ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality standards are international standards specifically setting requirements for quality management and translation. These standards are of great importance in the translation process in any industry, including technical translations, and even more so for translation companies such as Word Works, which offer specialised services in these areas and take quality very seriously. To comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards, translation companies need to implement very specific quality management and translation service management systems. This involves applying very specific processes in the selection of suitable specialised translators, as well as the implementation of quality control and translation proofreading processes. In order to comply with ISO 9001, translation companies have to ensure that its services meet the established quality requirements. This involves the development of processes that guarantee customer satisfaction and the ongoing improvement of the translation services offered. On the other hand, ISO 17100 sets out specific requirements for the management of translation projects, including quality management, selection of specialised translators, proofreading and correcting translations. Quality control processes are also required to ensure the accuracy and consistency of translations. In conclusion, the implementation of ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards is crucial to guarantee the quality of the technical translation services offered by a translation company such as Word Works. By complying with these standards, the company can prove its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, and ensure ongoing improvement of its services.

How to request a technical translation

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