Word Motion
Giving your words movement


Word Motion grew from the need that has arisen in the world for words to cross borders and is the fruit of the union of two companies: Word Works, a world leader in translation and multilingual communication, and Miss Motion, recently established and supported by two experts in the design industry.

Comprehensive digital content creation, with unrivalled linguistic quality and international adaptability.

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Miss Motion


Virtual learning platforms are more complex every day and require the appropriate investment. The appropriate partner is fundamental for this.

Planning the project, recording and subtitling it, presenting the data with graphics or the and translating it into multiple languages are just a few of the factors that must come into line to ensure success in the assimilation of information.


Corporate videos, dynamic presentations, social media content, presentations of new concepts, etc. For this type of work to go ahead and transmit what the client needs, the closest collaboration with the creative team is crucial.

Because not everyone on the planet speaks the same language, because sensitivities are different, because needs are different, we have an international team of consultants to ensure that the material generated conveys the message that the client seeks to convey in each of their target markets.

Content drafting

We can often find ourselves in the position of having a clear idea but with difficulty expressing it, either because of a lack of words or time. With our content writing team this is no longer an issue.

Everything from regular content on professional blogs to speciality articles or interviews, along with the drafting of specific content for social networks. You set the goals, we take care of the rest.